Episode 9: Nadine Asmar

Nadine Asmar, Spark Back
Episode 9: Nadine Asmar

Nadine Asmar is a motivator and coach for influential leaders. She strives to help leaders achieve clarity in their vision and unlock their potential in alignment with their minds, hearts, and wills.

In this episode, Nadine shares her thoughts on justice, motherhood, and the principles that have helped her transform many challenging situations in her life into hope and a significant positive impact on the world around her 🌍

Nadine builds their capacities comprehensively through various models and approaches, including Human-Centric Design, business modeling, cross-sectoral expansion, readiness for innovation and investment, leadership, and cultural transformation programs implemented through IES / INSEAD empowerment programs. Nadine offers her international expertise as a flexible business leader in business strategies and human capital development. She has been the main facilitator for Mowgli Mentoring in the UK, Middle East, North Africa, and Sub-Saharan Africa for over 10 years, helping create a safe and nurturing environment for individuals to grow in self-awareness, feel supported, and learn from shared experiences on a long-term mentoring journey.[/read]

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