Spark Model


It is based on 15 + years of experience in working with thriving leaders from more than 21 countries and across 20 industries



How does it work?

The Spark Model four carefully crafted steps are designed to transform surviving business leaders who don’t have a clear vision, lack fulfillment and satisfaction in their lives, and are stuck in pushing their business forward into thriving leaders in their industry who have a well-defined vision that reflects their core values and passion, have unbound energy to grow and are living a fulfilled life.

Reignite What Lights You Up in

4 Steps



Your ability to confidently open up about your past painful experiences to a trusted expert, who does not have a hidden agenda, and can provide you with an empowering perspective to overcome your challenges.

Do you have the courage to open up to a trusted expert about your past painful experiences?




Your ability to reopen old wounds, heal them forever, and be able to remember those struggles with peace of mind.

Are there any painful wounds from the past that are making you suffer in your current situation?




Your ability to convert your business experience into a futuristic well-crafted vision to create a meaningful impact.

Do you have a crystal-clear vision of where you want your business to go and how to get there?




Your ability to turn your business vision into reality that truly reflects your passion and core values.

Do you have a well-crafted roadmap to turn your vision into reality?


Clients Following Spark Model Say

I had the opportunity to get business coaching from Areej Khataybih, and it was a game-changing experience. The experience was “Ridiculously effective” until today and tomorrow

IT Industry

Areej never Failed to provide anyone with her assistance and advice, personally I like the way she calmly empowers me and giving the needed directions that perfectly match my abilities and skills set while boosting the spirit of exploring new challenges

Media Industry

Areej sees the vulnerabilities in the most powerful people in the world, you are unintimidated by their power & you are not afraid to approach them & treat them like normal people and do all that’s needed to move them to the next stage

Key Figure
United States


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