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Areej is the one who will tell you what you used to hide for years, she has the ability to dig deep into the root cause for your pain and struggles, as well as summarize what you said and didn`t in a very impressive way. You will feel heard as if it`s the first time for you to experience that. This is how I felt while working with her. She has a contagious enthusiasm and passion. Areej definitely is the first one I would consider when situations are complicated, and I need new perspective.
Professor, Healthcare Industry
United States
Fast forward to a year later, and I’m now witnessing the bigger goal materialize, all because Areej coached me boldly and fearlessly. Areej sees the vulnerabilities in the most powerful people in the world, you are unintimidated by their power & you are not afraid to approach them & treat them like normal people and do all that’s needed to move them to the next stage by talking about absolutely new thoughts
Key Government Position
United States
I had the opportunity to get business coaching from Areej Khataybih, and it was a game-changing experience. It was a shot-term coaching experience to understand self-positioning and build a base to solve business, board and team challenges I faced for several years. The experience was “Ridiculously effective” until today and tomorrow
Founder, IT Industry
Middle East
I took a new path in my career that I used to think is impossible to have, I established my dream business and got international awards, couldn`t do all of that without the help I got from Areej.
Founder, Media Industry
The session with Dr. Areej is always life changing. She can shift my perspective of the situation in a very special way that no other coach can do. She is talented, kind, smart and has a big heart that really feels you from inside. Every time we meet, I come out stronger, more confident, calmer and more focused
Medical Doctor
Middle East
The best thing is that I am not being pressured to find solutions by myself anymore and I have an expert with me that can help me dissolve the tight thread
Middle East
There is everyone's perspective, and there is Areej's perspective, and her perspective is just astonishing! Areej is one of the very few people in this world that I trust to get an advice from, she is exceptionally talented and pays attention to details in a way that I haven't seen before! Having worked with Areej for years and consulted her in countless matters, her advice was key to many important decisions I made, and I never regretted it! A conversation with Areej is like a conversation with thousands of books; I always learn something new whenever I talk to her and she'd always shed light upon important matters that are normally unseen. She is a great listener and an excellent mentor, she's literally the one person I can count on to empower people in any organization at any scale... Simply put: No one ignites the spark in people the way she does! If you want to transform your organization; whether it's your leadership team or your employees, Areej is definitely and without any doubt, the best coach!
Director, IT Industry
Middle East
It's great to work with Areej! She is always full of new ideas and when it comes to leadership, she is definitely a smart leader. Areej never Failed to provide anyone with her assistance and advice, personally I like the way she calmly empowers me and giving the needed directions that perfectly match my abilities and skills set while boosting the spirit of exploring new challenges. Her knowledge and background contributed massively to and positioned her as cross-departments consultant! Finally, she is very well organized, diligent in her work, easily reachable, and always there to help and support
Consultant, Media Industry

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