Episode 17: Maha Manaf

Spark back
Spark back
Episode 17: Maha Manaf

Maha always had an eye for arts; as a little girl her notebooks were home to sketches of fairy tales and places she would soon come to visit. Graduating as an Architect in 2004, Maha began her hectic career and longed for another creative window.

With her camera as her new sidekick, Maha saw the world differently through her lens; one without boundaries. Starting from Abu Dhabi, trekking in the Himalayas or stopping to take in the beauty of the Canadian Autumn, Maha captured images, memories and feelings from all over the world.

Having relocated to Toronto 10 years ago, Maha was excited about this new chapter. To date she’s been part of five group shows and three solo exhibitions.

She is now looking to do more with her photography, to inspire, grow & get inspired.

For more about Maha, please check the following links:

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