Episode 18: Reem Al-Franji

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Episode 18: Reem Al-Franji

Reem is the co-founder and managing partner of, an Arabic-language digital platform that aims to empower Arab parents of children with developmental disabilities and caregivers with the skills and knowledge they need to improve the skills of their children with developmental disabilities and help them improve their skills, with the goal of helping them have a meaningful life.

As founders, emerged from a special experience with her two children, who suffer from developmental delays. After she and her husband had been on this journey with them for the past 10+ years and met many other parents like them from several countries in the MENA region, they realized that being a parent of a child with a delay requires a lifelong adjustment and requires constant learning, guidance, encouragement, and support.

Hence, the website was launched in December 2017 with only 140 video clips in the video library. In October 2018, the company began connecting parents with specialists for consultations through a simple system they developed to schedule and monitor calls separately from the website.

Reem works with special education and rehabilitation professionals to provide practical strategies and information that are easy to understand and apply in the daily lives of parents with children with developmental disabilities.

In 2019, with an award from Expo 2020 Dubai, Reem, along with her team, developed the technological infrastructure for the website to provide specialized Arabic content, online consultations, and the e-learning system in one place. The Habaybna application was also launched. Net on mobile phone.

With we provide three main services to parents:

1. A video library that includes more than 800 videos by specialists in special education and rehabilitation.

2. Specialized online courses based on a micro-learning approach to teach parents how they can teach specific skills to their children.

3. Online consultations so parents can easily connect with special education and rehabilitation professionals for 1:1 guidance.

Currently, has more than 5,000 visitors per month, with more than 7,000 registered users, and provides more than 1,000 calls to parents in Jordan.

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