Episode 19: Josline El Kholy

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Episode 19: Josline El Kholy

Josline El Kholy brings over a decade of experience as the co-founder of Jozee Boutique, a sustainable fashion brand based in Cairo. With a focus on designing modern, comfy, Boho Chic women’s garments, Jozee Boutique emphasizes Egyptian heritage and culture. Their garments are produced in workshops in Cairo and embellished by local artisans from various regions of Egypt, incorporating traditional embroidery and fabric weaving techniques. Additionally, they utilize fabrics handwoven on traditional looms in Upper Egypt, specifically in Qena and Sohag.

Josline’s role extends beyond co-founding the boutique; she serves as a strategic leader, overseeing business strategy, market identification, product design and development, marketing, and team management. Through Jozee Boutique, she also provides a platform for local designers, NGOs, and artisans, showcasing their work to both local and international markets.

In her previous role as a Development Consultant, Josline specialized in empowering artisans to create marketable products, thereby increasing job opportunities. Her expertise includes market research, creative design, and business development, with a strong track record of successful collaborations.

Prior to her entrepreneurial ventures, Josline accumulated 15 years of experience in the telecom industry in Egypt, holding various roles in planning, strategy, and product/retail marketing. Her responsibilities included channel marketing, international and roaming commercial strategy, marketing strategy and financial planning, and financial and planning analysis.

Josline holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Cairo University and is skilled in strategic thinking, financial planning, personnel management, product development, and market research.

*This episode was filmed on the 17th of April 2023

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