Co-Author of The Amazon UK Best Seller “A Woman’s Work”

The book every successful businesswoman wishes she'd read

As a woman, it can feel like the odds are stacked against you in business, and when more women than ever before are self-employed and starting businesses, why is it that so few of them are able to scale and get the success they deserve? A heated discussion on this subject by some super-successful businesswomen led to the creation of this book.
  • Is it because it’s so much harder for women to get funding and investment?
  • Is it because women are also likely to be running the household and juggling childcare?
  • Is it because women struggle to be taken seriously?
  • The real question that came out of this debate was: what can we do to help women overcome these challenges and really shine?

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Fuelled by the raw passion of successful businesswomen in a range of industries, this book will empower you to scale and grow your business, whatever you do. It is packed full of tips and personal stories, drawing on a range of expertise.
This book covers both the hard and soft business skills required to take your business to the next level. From time management and resilience to how to hone your product and scale profitably, this is the book that these businesswomen wish they could have had in their arsenal when they were looking to scale. In each chapter, a businesswoman explores the obstacles she has had to overcome in a particular area, and gives the reader practical advice to do the same.
No more playing small, now is the time to go for it. This book will show you how!
Ten contributing authors, including:  Dr. Areej Khataybih, Clare Downes, Jeannie McGillivray, Jill Martin, Lorraine Gannon, Mary Grant, Natalie Jameson, Sonja Leason, Steph Middleton-Foster and Vicki Wuche.
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