7 Harsh Truth

I’ve worked with several business owners since 2006, and I frequently meet them when they are tired or in pain. Their business is no longer a source of fulfillment and motivation as it once was.

Certainly, achieving in life meant being content with every moment of your life; freely and peacefully. Somehow, it turns out to be a lot less, a lot more frustrating than you expected, and the reason for this is that there are seven harsh truths you need to be aware of when you want to get your spark back, and you must accept these hard truths or don’t bother.

The first harsh reality is that life is full of challenges that will never end. Aside from that, you’re dealing with issues like developing new products, attracting investors, opening a new branch, resolving complicated business conflicts, and attempting to resurrect your company. All of this is similar to thinking that after finishing high school, life will be more exciting right away and forever! In reality, you will be satisfied after landing a good job, but as life progresses, it becomes even more complicated.

But here’s the catch if you’re aware that each new stage of life comes with its own set of challenges. You will be able to recognize new challenges as a sign of progress and new opportunities at this point. When dealing with them, you will feel energized, excited, and creative.

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The second harsh reality is that no one is coming to save you, no one is coming to answer your deepest questions. You must provide them with data and have definitive answers to their questions.

There is no magic pill that will replace overwhelming with peace of mind, or that will take away your anxiety as you face your fears. No one will confront significant people in your life with whom you are struggling.

To achieve your goals, you must be clear about what you want, how you want it, and how to communicate it effectively. You are not going to find the consultant who is going to decide how your future will look like. No advisor is going to visualize what you have gone through while growing your business. read our latest published post on Are You an Envious Soul?

The third harsh reality is that there will never be a single big opportunity to make a dramatic change in your business or life unless you take action. There is no one who will introduce you to people who will help you take your business to the next level.

However, there are steps and decisions that you must take on your own before you are ready to capitalize on opportunities. Those steps will lay the groundwork for your vision, values, and the impact you want to make in the world, all while reflecting your true personality. Without these steps, you will feel disconnected from the business and will lack the energy and enthusiasm required to make the most of the excellent opportunities available.

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The fourth harsh reality is that planning for the future and adding new products or services will not restore your business’s spark; in order to thrive again, you must overcome the pain of the past. Every business owner reaches a point in time where they can’t claim failure or success, they feel stuck, and their vision becomes hazy. To get out of this rut, they usually consider adding a new product/service or entering into a new partnership, believing that doing so will propel the business forward.

While any of the previous solutions may appear to be very logical, what will actually happen on the ground is that they will get themselves into even more trouble because they will get themselves into a fire-fighting mood, just to get rid of the symptoms of their status.

Thriving again needs a will crafted visit to the past, to the failures and successes, and to rewrite past experiences in a more empowering manner, allowing them to stand again on solid ground and clarify their vision. Only at this point will they be able to see the next step that will perfectly reflect both previous successes and future dreams.

The fifth hard truth is that maturity is a curse. You can’t go any direction that doesn’t look like you. You will no longer enjoy everyone’s company and will become drawn to certain people, subjects, projects, events, and locations.

You will reach a point in your life where you are no longer enjoying things as much as you used to; being around people will no longer bring you joy; instead, you may find yourself extremely excited when engaging in a deep intellectual conversation with someone.

A book could be your new best friend. What satisfies you in life will come from the same source. This type of change is completely normal; all you need to do is respect and embrace it, as this will lead you to the new place you are dreaming of.

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The sixth harsh reality is that you will be unable to appreciate your accomplishments if they do not come from a meaningful source. You will discover that regardless of your success and the amount of effort you put in, your hard work, and achievements that sometimes exceed your expectations, you will always crave a meaningful achievement for yourself.

An achievement that reflects your story, passion, aspirations, values, challenges that means a lot to you. Only at this moment will you appreciate your impact.

The seventh harsh reality is that in order to get the attention you desire, you must do your job perfectly.
Great leaders do not await appreciation; instead, they focus on the impact they are making, which gives them satisfaction. On a deeper level, they only want to see significant people in their lives proud of their journey and outcome.

Remember that genuine attention comes from genuine intentions. The moment you are true to yourself, honoring your values, following your purpose, confidently confronting yourself and assertively communicating your vision, significant people in your life cannot resist respecting your path and appreciating your impact. 

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