Are You Satisfied with the Role You Are Playing?

During my time in Dubai, I met a highly successful businesswoman who, according to her peers, lives the perfect life.

She runs her business from home, which has impacted her ability to manage the team efficiently and take instant effective business discussions. Her business partners didn’t like her inflexibility, and that was pushing them to skip taking her opinion and discussions for the majority of the company’s work.

Despite the fact that her business was extremely successful and kept astounding records, her heart was in another place.

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I met her at a small and closed gathering, I sensed her frustration and anger when she was asked about her business. She asked me about the best course of action she could take with her business partners.

She was very dissatisfied and wanted to pursue her passion, which was opening a totally different business that she truly loves.

I asked the questions below to get to the root cause of the problem.

Q. What does this business represent for you?
A. My backup plan!

Q. Is having this business a must-have or nice-to-have?
A. Nice to have

Q. How does being upset about not being involved in decision-making serving
A. Perhaps it’s protecting me from being deeply involved and hence responsible

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After getting into the spark back program, she realized that she doesn’t enjoy her work, but she was afraid to let go because she didn’t want to fail and she wants to maintain a certain lifestyle that she can’t afford by sitting at home.

What she lacked is courage and bravery. She decided to confront her business partners and pursue what she truly loves.

She stepped down as the CEO of the company and launched her new venture, which grew to become a major player in its field.

She is now satisfied and lives a fulfilled life following her passion. She realized now that she sacrificed her passion at the expense of having peace of mind.

What about you? Are you satisfied with the role you are playing?

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