The Missing Piece Dilemma

Harmonizing the Heart and Mind for a Journey Towards True Fulfillment

In our pursuit of career fulfillment and satisfaction, we may find ourselves trapped in the paradox of having it all but still feeling empty, as if there is something always missing. This phenomenon, which I refer to as “The Missing Piece Dilemma” often manifests itself when achievements and accomplishments fail to bring the anticipated happiness and fulfillment we desire. It’s a rather perplexing situation that might leave us yearning for more and stuck in a perpetuating cycle of setting new goals and creating endless wish lists.

What Is the Reason Behind This?

The root cause of this dilemma lies in the neglect of listening to one’s heart. When we are dealing with this issue, we tend to rely heavily on logic and reasoning, forsaking our intuition due to past emotional wounds. The events we go through that were marked by loss, disappointment, or unmet expectations become the pivotal moments that lead us to losing our confidence and faith in our ability to trust our own hearts. 

What Is the “False Fix” High Achievers Tend to Often Adopt? 

The coping mechanism that is often adopted by high achievers involves burying their pain and focusing on external targets, creating ease a façade of resilience. However, this is unaddressed pain then festers beneath the surface, which could lead to shaping intentions and goals that are built from an unhealed place. The result of this is a constant sense of incompleteness, a persistent feeling of emptiness, that achievements and success cannot fill. 


What Is the Proper Solution, You May ask?

To break free this cycle, individuals need a safe space to reconnect with their hearts. The process involves revisiting the unhealed wounds in a safe environment, providing an opportunity for closure. We will build a safe ground that revisits and opens the door to what  I call “Internal Bleeding” – which is the source of pain that has been hidden away, suffocating in shame that manifests in the current and continuous feeling of emptiness that is accompanied by achievements.   


Is Harmony and Fulfillment Something I can Truly Achieve?

Maybe the question is, are you ready to dig deep, and do the work? By challenging the interference of logic, we create space for the hear to freely communicate and uncover the true nature of our pain. This transformative process reveals, our genuine desires, becoming aware of our illusions that are created by our current state of fear-driven logic. By doing so, we will achieve balance and reach the desired harmony between the heart and the brain. 



What’s The Takeaway?

Liberating ourselves from hunting emptiness is possible, yes! While therapy and coaching address “External Bleeding”  – which is the expressed pain, our goal and the true breakthrough emerges when the Internal Bleeding is finally acknowledged. Finding out what The Missing Piece Dilemma is, will serve as an opportunity for genuine self-discovery and lasting happiness. 


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