The Envious Soul

The envious soul is a leadership personality type that thrives on competition and doesn’t consider how to use their strengths to advance their business forward. Instead, they focus on the successes of others.

When they are overcome by jealousy, they tear their own success apart and destroy their accomplishments.

It may push leaders to an extremely uncomfortable limit, resulting in catastrophic losses.

To demonstrate that they are superior to their competitors, they maximize their capabilities, which stem from envy and jealousy.

In fact, major issues arise as a result of issues that were not resolved or addressed properly in the past, allowing them to grow and influence various aspects of life.

Given that our past experiences significantly shape who we are today, what would happen if you completely healed painful wounds from the past? Can you imagine the positive impact it will reflect on your life today?

The primary issue with envious souls is not the partner they are jealous of. It stems from not healing the past! Therefore, revealing the painful story to a trusted professional expert who will help in confronting the past in order to heal and move forward with peace of mind.

To measure your healing level, take the Spark Assessment and receive a 28-page report customized to you.


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