How To Know Your Superpower in Business

Every person in this world has something intrinsically unique about him, his SUPERPOWER!

When we talk about business, entrepreneurs need to leverage their superpowers that set them apart from their counterparts. 

Knowing what makes you distinctive and how to use it to shine in the world is the ultimate way to achieve success. 

Yet, have you wondered why most people, despite having all the business resources, core values, and assets are unable to recognize their superpower? Of course!

What’s The Root Cause?

Ever since we were kids, we have craved attention and acceptance from others. There is a persistent need to be recognized and appreciated, especially by our parents.

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We start to see ourselves from the eyes of our caregivers and tend to adapt to their beliefs, values, traits, behaviors, and qualities. To meet their expectations, we tend to ignore our passion and the natural talents we were born with specially if they didn’t reinforce them, and focus on what makes them proud. This is what becomes an obstacle between our ability to discover what makes us exceptional.

Another major reason for our inability to find our superpower is that we excessively focus on what our competitors are doing. This ultimately shifts our focus away from our own uniqueness and goals, making us feel stagnant.

Solving The Dilemma

When a person grows up, they start to think of creating an impact on the world and having their own stamp and footprint
They keep asking themselves: How can I find my specialty? How can I become the go-to person for this specialty?
To overcome this business dilemma and know your superpower, I see you need to follow 4 simple steps:
  • Increase Your Self-Awareness: To know your key skills, you first need to stop viewing yourself through the lens of others. You need to accept your undying passion, recognize your inner talent, and own your strengths.
  • Break Chains of the Past: To move forward constructively, heal your past wounds! It doesn’t mean that you push the past under the rug, but rather identify what precisely went wrong in the past and remember lessons you learned.
  • Create Your Vision: Without a vision, there will be no reality! To propel forward, draw a clear and vivid picture of the kind of future you want to live in.
  • Act on Your Superpower: Now you need to put your foot on the paddle! Have a well-structured plan that enables you to turn this vision into reality. Set strategic goals and start implementing them consistently and effortlessly.


Everything we do in this world demands consciousness, self-awareness, and the ability to reflect, strategize, and act sensibly.

Your business needs your superpower; you need to embrace it in the most raw form possible to create your unique mark in this world.

No matter where you are in your business journey, it is never too late to pause, contemplate your choices, and figure out the inherent superpower God has gifted you!

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