Are You Too Worried About What Other People Think of You?

No matter who you are, worrying about what other people think is human nature. We’re naturally wired to want to fit in with others and we want others to like us and accept us.

There is a thin line between wanting others to like us and worrying too much about what other people think.

This can be especially hard for leaders who are well-known in their industries. In my work as a business owner’s relationship management expert, I’ve begun to notice patterns that people of influence struggle with every day:

  • People always come to me for advice, even when I might not have it.
  • I have to show the behavior I want to see in others and can never perform badly.
  • I can’t make any mistakes, or I will lose my credibility
  • People are waiting for me to fail
  • Someone younger can always replace me.
  • I have to find the best possible outcome for everyone involved—even in no-win situations.

If any of these thoughts sound familiar, you might be worrying too much about what other people think. And whether you realize it or not, these worries are a sign of deeper fears that are holding you back from fulfilling your own needs.

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Why You Need to Put Yourself First

When you spend all your time worrying about what others think, you’re not spending that time worrying about what you think.

  • Do you like the decisions you’re making?
  • Do you feel connected to the work that you’re doing?
  • Can you do better for yourself, others, and your company?
  • Are you wasting too much energy trying to make everyone happy and never making yourself happy?

It’s easy to lose yourself and your own needs under all this pressure. You might think that you don’t have time to chase your own dreams or find a work-life balance that works for you.

It’s no wonder that many leaders burn out after a few years and feel exhausted and disconnected from the life they always wanted.

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How to Put Your Own Needs First

Putting your own needs first sounds nice when it’s only talked about, but first you need to realize your fears, take time to heal yourself, learn to dream again, and then make long-term transformations that work for you.

No one has the exact same fears and problems in life, which is where coaching comes in. I can help you recognize your fears, guide you on your healing journey, and lead you into a total transformation to ignite the spark in you again that will allow your professional and personal life to move forward smoothly without worrying about what others think of you.

The Spark Back Program was designed specifically for leaders like you.

Sign up today for a free consultation to learn how I can help transform your life and permanently boost your self-confidence.

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