How Do You Know That You Are in The Right Workplace?


Dr. Areej discussed the notion of passion from her unique perspective in an interview with Jordan University’s official radio station. She provided advice on how to encourage people who are hesitant to take that important step toward their ambitions, as well as how to address the critical timing of initiating one’s passion pursuit and how to negotiate any financial challenges that may take place. Dr. Areej also explored strategies for studying and evaluating the viability of following one’s passion, as well as strategies to sustain enthusiasm for your current job or recognize the signs that it may be time to move on.

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Furthermore, she shared her perspective on individuals who engage in multiple pursuits, distinguishing whether they are motivated by financial considerations or a quest for self-discovery. Dr. Areej extended encouraging words to those who acknowledge their passion yet remain inactive. Her insights provided a valuable roadmap for anyone seeking to align their professional journey with their passions and overcome obstacles along the way.

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